The following true story is just one example of how intuition and spirit guides us, provided we are willing to go with the flow, as opposed to allowing ego and negative conditioning to sabotage the desires and impulses of our heart.

Back in February of 2012, one of the members of my Facebook group, The Beautiful New World posted a video message that revealed he was terribly depressed. Although he didn’t say what the reasons were for his depression, it warmed my heart to see several members respond with love, kindness and encouragement. I wanted to say something too, but since I couldn’t think of anything meaningful to add, I “liked” the responses I read and left it at that. However, before I went to bed that night, I noticed that the depressed man hadn’t responded to any of the comments. This caused me to worry, and ended up affecting my sleep.

The next morning, as soon as I awoke I felt compelled to send a message from my heart to the depressed man. This is what came through (in part):

“I woke up this morning having been thinking about you in the night. I felt like I had a message to give you from spirit, and I came to my computer to share it with you… to remind you that you are an eternal spirit being here on earth for a physical experience, and that right now, all of us are going through an intense time of purification… of letting go of our past hurts and conditioning, to ultimately clear ourselves of energetic blockages and impediments that prevent us from stepping into our true power and being-ness.

“We are all powerful, creative, eternal, special, unique beings with a high purpose and mission (every last one of us)… a mission that once found, brings us incredible joy and fulfillment… that’s why our souls know to allow the purification we are all going through to take place. Yes, it is probably the hardest task any of us will ever take on… so the trick is to remember that we are loved more than we know and could ever realize. Not only are there human angels in our lives, but we have a team of guides and angels working with us behind the scenes… and these guides and angels are there to be leaned upon.

“You are loved. You are not alone. And you are so very very special. That is what my heart is telling me to share with you.”

I sent this message, and then noticed I had several unread email messages.

The first email I opened was a Facebook friend request that was accompanied by a very touching message. I accepted the friendship, and then visited my new friend’s wall to leave a thank you. Upon arrival there, I immediately saw that their very last post (from the previous night) was a share of a video made by a man I recognized from an online group I used to belong to many years earlier. I recalled that I had always liked that man’s writing, thus, I was intrigued to watch his video.

As it turned out, his video was all about processing and dealing with loss as his girlfriend had ended their relationship only 24 hours earlier. Clearly, his wounds were fresh and raw, however, his thought process was clear and inspiring. And, well, even though I had already just sent a private message to the depressed man from my group, while I watched this video, I had a very clear and pronounced feeling that I had been led to it in order to pass it along too. Of course, like I already said, I had no idea why the man in my group was depressed. Nevertheless, I trusted my intuition for the second time that morning, and sent him the video.

Long story short — later that day I heard back from the man in my group.

Turns out, his wife had completely devastated him days earlier when she had taken the kids and left!

Regarding the channeled message I had sent, he had this to say:

“Thank you very much for your support. I think it’s touching and funny how the divine helps us through others, and gives us these gentle nudges to wake up and help a friend as your are. 🙂

“I’ve already cried so much today — joy, sadness, love, etc. I saw my kids and cried for a second as my breath escaped me. I just feel like I can actually see now that I’m clear. I’m still healing and releasing, but I feel sane, level, loved, and balanced a lot more than I was.

“I’ll watch the video sometime soon.”

I never did hear his thoughts about the video, though, we continued to correspond for several months until he left Facebook one day, unannounced, and we lost touch.

***If you have any personal stories you’d like to share about intuition, feel free to do so in the comments!***

Note: This story was previously posted, in part, as part of a longer article I wrote called, Can Spirit Beings Manipulate Computers?

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