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Part 2 – Validation, Synchronicity and the Return of the Divine Feminine

About two weeks ago, the Humanity Symbol unexpectedly returned to my life — after a four and a half year absence — in the form of an amazing series of validations, or complex synchronicity as I call it. Before I share the details, however, it will make more sense if I first explain what happened four and a half years ago.

It was January 14, 2012, my new Facebook group The Beautiful New World was only about a week old, when someone posted a link to the story of “the Akaija” — a pendant and symbol of “Oneness” created by Dutch artist, jewelry designer, and intuitive, Wim Roskam (see images below).

Akaija – Top View


Akaija – Side View

AkaijaStar Sideview

The moment I saw this pendant, I recognized right away that it was the same symbol of humanity and Oneness that I had discovered many years earlier in a strange mystical experience — only, the Akaija was three dimensional whereas my rendering of the symbol had been flat (see below).

Humanity Symbol

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 7.17.56 PM

Nevertheless, as I read the story about Wim and the Akaija, I was thunderstruck to discover that Wim too had received a vision and “download” from spirit. Specifically, from his beloved wife, Linda not long after she had passed from this world.

Excited by this synchronicity, I found a copy of my story of the Humanity Symbol (see Part 1 at the head of this post), and was just about to share it with my Facebook group when I noticed that the date I had first discovered the Humanity Symbol (and wrote the story about it) was the very same date as the current date — January the 14th! Well, this “coincidence” blew my mind!

Consequently, it was with much excitement that I shared the story of the Humanity Symbol and the synchronicity about the date with my group. However, because I was so overrun with the responsibilities of moderating what was then a very busy and rapidly expanding new group, by the time the next day rolled around, I had already forgotten all about the Akaija and the amazing synchronicity that connected it with the Humanity Symbol.

Little did I know, there was more to come.

About two months later, I was reading some of the current posts on my group’s wall one day, when I came across that very same article about the Akaija (posted by a new member). Having previously forgotten all about the amazing synchronicity that had occurred two months earlier, I suddenly remembered, and because I was no longer overrun by the administrative duties of the group (things had settled down quite a bit by then), I felt compelled to reach out to Wim Roskam, the Akaija artist.

Communicating via email, I sent Wim the story of The Humanity Symbol (as well as the validation and synchronicity that had occurred two months earlier on January 14, 2012), while Wim reciprocated by sending me an article he found about the origins of the pentagram.

Well, no sooner did I start reading that article, my mind was blown three times by the information it contained!

In the first instance, according to the article, the outline of a pentagram was said to be described by a celestial event that reoccurs every eight years. Namely, the path that Venus follows as it orbits the sun (as viewed from the Earth). Of course, I had no idea! And yet, the way I discovered the Humanity Symbol (even though I was in my daughter’s darkened bedroom at the time), I felt like I was watching a constellation twinkling in the darkness of space!

In the second instance, it suddenly dawned on me that the day I first discovered the Humanity Symbol (January 14, 2004), and the day that I received that first validation in the form of the post about the Akaija (January 14, 2012) were exactly eight years apart — the precise amount of time it takes for Venus to describe the shape of a pentagram!

(See this link for an excellent gif image showing Venus tracing the outline of a pentagram.)

The third and final instance came after I read how every 113-130 years, Venus crosses the corona of the sun (as viewed from the Earth), thus creating an eclipse event known as the Venus Transit. Well, according to the article, sometimes this Transit occurs twice in that 113-130 year period, separated by a period of eight years. While other times, it occurs only once. Either way, it’s an extremely rare event. So rare, in fact, that no one alive today was around for the last Venus Transit which happened in 1882! Now, here’s the mind blowing part. Incredibly, in our current age, the Venus Transit was happening twice — once in 2004 (the year I first discovered the Humanity Symbol) and the second time, in 2012 (the year the Humanity Symbol was validated by the Akaija story)!

Clearly, the probability of the three-fold synchronicity that I experienced was off the charts. Thus, it wasn’t hard to conclude that spirit wanted me to take notice of this information. But, why?

Researching a little further, I came across several online articles indicating that the Venus Transit represented the return of the Divine Feminine — a subject to which I had also “received” information about soon after my original Humanity Symbol experience and Oneness download in 2004. Prior to that experience, I had never read or heard anyone speak about the Divine Feminine, nor did I have any understanding of how it related to peace, equality, nature, nurture, abundance, and ultimately, an end to suffering on earth. But, just like it happened with my understanding of Oneness, 2004 brought the initial download, and 2012 brought the validation.

(For more on Venus Transits, an internet search using the terms, “Venus Transit and the return of the Divine Feminine” will produce several interesting articles.)

A few days later, as I found myself inspired to conduct additional research into Venus Transits (and chakras too), I came across an image (see below) that was similar to da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man.” However, unlike Vitruvian Man (the figure I referenced in Part 1 of this story), this image was actually a perfect match to the vision of the human form I saw floating in my daughter’s bedroom back in 2004 (minus the overlay of the pentagram).

Credited to Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535), a prolific Renaissance writer of esoterica (born 34 years after the birth of da Vinci), as soon as I saw it, I intuitively knew that the symbol of the pentagram within the circle (known as a pentacle — see image below) was “the original design” that my guardian angel had mentioned eight years earlier. It was also clear to me that the pentacle had much less of an obvious graphic connection to the human form than the symbol I had settled upon that finally “put my heart at ease.”

Agrippa Design

Agrippa Humanity symbol

Spurred on by the Agrippa design (which incidentally, only presented itself after I Googled “Oneness” images — something I hadn’t thought to do back in 2004), I spent a little more time researching the pentacle and its history. I found it interesting that the pentacle was used many hundreds of years ago by early Christians before the cross was widely adopted as the symbol of Christianity, especially given my own mystical connection with Jesus.

Furthermore, I learned that in our current age, the pentacle is commonly used in connection with the pre-Christian religion, Wicca. At the same time, it has also been co-opted by Satanists (not to be confused with Wiccans), who use it in an upside down orientation with two points facing upwards. Thus, with two very different systems of belief making wide use of this same symbol, it was with good reason that my guardian angel, Archangel Michael had told me not to concern myself with the original design.



Now, as mentioned at the beginning of this post, this story also has a connection to something that happened about two weeks ago.

To give some context first, back in 2012, just after Wim and I had shared information, Wim asked if he could create a new pendant that incorporated jewels or stones into the Humanity Symbol — a pendant that would symbolize the added complexity of the Venus Transit and the Divine Feminine. Of course, I agreed. And, I got things rolling by sending him a design idea I had (see below).

2nd Gen Humanity Symbol idea (2012)

humanity pendant idea 1

Unfortunately, however, our collaboration wasn’t meant to be — at least not at that time — because, over the course of the year that followed, Wim experienced so many challenges with the new pendant design (and with managing his time as Akaija sales took off in Poland), that by late 2013, Wim felt he had no choice but to drop out.

Of course, I was disappointed by that outcome. But, I also knew that there was a higher power involved with this project. Thus, rather than continuing on without Wim, I decided to walk away from the project too. After all, I reasoned, I had been led by spirit to find Wim. So, if the project was meant to continue, I’d have to be led once again.

Three years later (two weeks ago), that moment occurred.

At the time, I was reading an online article when a completely unrelated photograph caught my eye in the sidebar (see below). Incredibly, this photo of a crop circle was amazingly similar to the 2nd Generation Humanity Symbol that Wim and I had been working on together before our venture fell apart!

Dorset, England — July 14, 2014


Researching the history of this crop circle, I found that it was a notably large formation that had appeared overnight in a farmer’s field in England on July 14, 2014 (about 8 months after Wim and I had decided to abandon the project at the end of 2013, and exactly 2 years and 6 months to the day after I was led to find the Akaija).

With my interest in the Humanity Symbol suddenly renewed, I searched to see if I could find other crop circles that contained the five points of the Humanity Symbol. As it turned out, I could only find one (see below). However, it just so happened to be a very close match to one of the many images I had frantically drawn the morning after my initial Humanity Symbol experience back in 2004!

Beckhampton, England — July 13, 2003


Like the 2014 crop circle, the 2003 crop circle appeared in a farmer’s field in England. Specifically, on July 13, 2003 (just 6 months plus one day before I had my initial Humanity Symbol experience on January 14, 2004).

Comparing the information I had on the two crop circles, I realized that exactly 11 years plus one day separated the two formations. Perhaps I was reaching, but at the time, I couldn’t help but smile at the significance…111! 🙂

Needless to say, this whole crop circle connection blew my mind, just as my mind had been blown four and a half years earlier by the Akaija connection!

Naturally, I emailed Wim right away to tell him about it, and to share the photos of the crop circles that I had found. Wim soon replied and informed me (among other things) that his time was still very tight, mainly because the Akaija had recently taken off in popularity in Russia. So, it appeared that the Universe intended for me to move forward on my own. At least, that’s how I interpreted Wim’s reply, as well as this one last validation that I received.

A few days before the first crop circle image crossed my path, my wife and I were out for a walk with the dog when she happened to say, “Hey, look! That jeweler I sent you to back in 2004 is still there.”

Sure enough, the store was still in business. Although, prior to that moment, neither of us had thought about, seen, or mentioned that place since we were last there to pick up my Humanity Symbol pendants back in 2004!

Consequently, two days ago, after I was inspired to draw up a new 2nd Generation design, I’m sure you can guess where I took it!

UPDATE — September 14, 2016:

Here it is! The 2nd Generation Humanity Symbol as a silver pendant.


About this pendant:

The Humanity Symbol (a pentagon bounded by a circle, also known as a Pentacle) is the universally recognized symbol of humanity that additionally represents and radiates energy in harmony with Unity/Christ Consciousness, Oneness, peace, balance, Divine Love, and purity of heart.

The 2nd Generation Humanity Symbol (a Pentacle that incorporates eleven discs — see photo above) additionally represents and radiates energy in harmony with the return of the Divine Feminine (into balance with the Divine Masculine) as well as self-love, love of others, love of nature, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, inspiration, psychic perception, imagination, wisdom, clarity, and more (see “About the Discs” below).

About the Discs:

The central disc represents and radiates the specific energies associated with the Sun, the divine Father, the heart of humanity, the heart of each human being, and the spiritual connection that we all have with one another, the cosmos, and the Divine.

The middle discs represent and radiate the specific energies associated with the Earth, the Divine Mother, the five root races of humanity, the five physical senses, the five points of contact between the human body and the physical world (head, hands and feet), and the physical connection we all have with one another, with the cosmos, and with the Divine.

The outer discs represent and radiate the specific energies associated with Venus, the Goddess of Light, divine radiance, beauty, fertility, regeneration, the balancing and harmonization of human instincts and emotions, and the emotional connection we all have with one another, with the cosmos, and with the Divine.

The outer circle represents and radiates energy in harmony with totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, cyclic movement, and God (‘God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere’).

The eleven discs together represent The Master Teacher, illumination, enlightenment, inspiration, intuition, psychic abilities, poetry, artistry, symbolism, the dreamer, mysticism, sensitivity, enthusiasm, and creativity.

(For my previous story, click here.)

To read the story of the Akaija, see this link.

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