In order to make sense of the amazing synchronicity that led to my recent meeting with Darryl Anka, I need to first begin with a little backstory.

A couple of months ago I woke in the night and felt compelled to do something I had never done before — namely, to channel messages for some friends.

In the end, I channeled a total of five messages — each one from a group soul called The Guardians. Now, I had received messages from The Guardians in the past, but because it had been quite a while since the last occasion, I decided to Google them to see if I could find anyone else channeling the same source.

Amazingly, I found one: a woman named Laura who had been channeling them semi-regularly over the course of the last few years (see this link).

Reading Laura’s messages, I felt that we might indeed be channeling from the same source. I then went on to check out the links Laura had posted on her site and noticed that one of them was Kryon — a channeled being to whom I had recently been directed by a random email from a friend of a friend.

Upon further investigation, I found another link to a channeled being named Bashar. Not knowing anything about him, I decided to check out his website and soon found that I resonated so completely, I enthusiastically wrote about him in a post called My Discovery of Darryl Anka and Bashar.

Meanwhile, in what I thought was a completely unrelated event, I had posted several months earlier (in October) about my first meeting at the Institute for Spiritual Entertainment (ISELA) — see Who Am I and Why Am I Here? As I wrote in that post, when I left the meeting that night, I felt so strangely and overwhelmingly sad and confused, and I didn’t know why. And I couldn’t settle myself down to sleep that night until a time prompt at 1:11 that morning seemed to turn things around. (If you don’t know the significance of 1:11, see this post of mine.)

Okay. Phew! Now on to the story:

About a week ago I suddenly wondered if there had been any more ISELA meetings since the last one I had attended back in October. In order to find this out, I visited the ISELA website (note: this site and organization no longer exist) and began reading the home page. After a few seconds, I realized that I was reading a summary of the last meeting — the same meeting I had attended. Nevertheless, something compelled me to keep reading the summary right up until the point where the text mentioned that a producer stood up and talked about a project he was working on — a mockumentary about life after death.

Incidentally, the reason he was speaking at ISELA was that he was looking for people to attend a read through of his script. However, as much as I found his project interesting, I was feeling very tired that evening, and didn’t feel like making a commitment.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, as I sat there and read the summary, I couldn’t help but notice that the producer’s name was Darryl Anka — the very same name as the man who channels Bashar. And I wondered, did it really happen that two and a half months earlier, at a completely unrelated event, I had passed up an opportunity of meeting with Darryl Anka — the very same man that I enthusiastically endorsed in my blog just two weeks ago!

Looking for confirmation, I Googled Darryl Anka and found information pertaining to the film career of the producer I had seen at ISELA. But, there was no information that linked this man with Bashar. And, as I soon discovered, the Bashar website was based out of Hawaii — not Los Angeles. So I wasn’t convinced. But, then I came across some Bashar channelings on YouTube and I was pretty sure that the man in the videos was one and the same as the man I saw at ISELA. Too weird! I decided to send an email to the Bashar website.

That night I got a response from Darryl. Yes, he was the same man. And, not only that, but after a few emails back and forth, we discovered that we lived in the exact same suburb of Los Angeles.

Several days later, we met up at a local coffee shop. It was a fun meeting. Afterwards, Darryl invited me to stop by his house to pick up a script he had written. (Actually, he gave me two scripts — and they were both very good!)

Long story short — I can’t say with any certainty why the Multiverse brought the two of us together, but let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point in the future we end up collaborating on a film project.

On a separate note, after our meeting, the thought crossed my mind that maybe the strange sadness that overcame me the night of the ISELA meeting had something to do with the connection I had failed to make that night. Too cool!

By the way, although I let Darryl know in our first email exchange that I was available to meet at the drop of a hat, the soonest he was available to meet was five days later. And, guess what date that was? It was yesterday — January 11, 2008 at 10:00 am — aka (for those of you into numerology): 1:11:1:1

For my continuing story, please see this link.

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2 thoughts on “How the Multiverse Arranged A Meeting with Darryl Anka: A Case of Complex Synchronicity

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  2. Hi Darren,

    After taking a quick look at, I felt instant resonance. Thanks so much for recommending it, and also, thanks for the kind words of encouragement. One can never have too much encouragement.

    Speaking of encouragement, if you and/or other readers ever feel like sharing your own related experiences (either here in this post about synchronicity or elsewhere as appropriate), I would be most pleased to include them on this site.

    God Bless and Namaste

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