I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that with millions of people around the world making plans to participate in Fire the Grid on July 17 (less than a week away), there wouldn’t be counter efforts to discredit the event and to influence people not to participate. But it is disheartening, nonetheless.

For those of you who are unsure about Fire the Grid, afraid that it might be some sort of negative event (not in service of the highest good), I would like to point out the following:

The intent behind Fire the Grid has always been to assemble the largest group of human beings ever assembled to spend one hour reflecting on the things of this world that bring each of us our greatest joys and to acknowledge and thank God, the ultimate Source of love and light (and joy).

As for negative assertions that have been made about the founder of the event, Shelley Yates, regardless of the things she said, whether they referred to the past, present or future, or whether they were taken out of context, played in reverse, or judged to be insincere, the intent behind Fire the Grid has never been anything but altruistic. No money has changed hands, no products have been endorsed and no solicitations have been made. In fact, no information has been gathered to track attendance. Bearing that in mind, you would have to travel very far in the wrong direction to find anything about Fire the Grid that warrents sounding alarm bells. Because there is nothing but the highest intent behind this event.

How anyone could say, let alone believe that there could be hidden dangers behind thanking God for love and life and for our greatest joys is a sad reflection of the misguided beliefs and confusion that still exists and persists in the world. The good news is, confusion is on its way out and clarity is on its way in. You don’t have to look very hard to see this. Case in point: How many millions of people around the world are excited about Fire the Grid compared to the few who are afraid?

Namaste and God Bless.

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