Dear Ones,

The Guardians of the Light are pleased to have this opportunity to address this question. We are an energy that has been present in your plane or dimension since the dawn of time. The reason of our being is to oversee the progress and the evolution of humanity. Yours is a very special race that has been undergoing many trials and tribulations throughout the ages, and we, The Guardians of the Light, have been with you for all those trials, guiding and assisting in the many ways that we are permitted, always encouraging, always seeking to honor and uphold the tenets of free will that have been established for your plane, and coordinating our efforts with those of other realms as well, those of the realms of existence that are beyond the reach of the human capacity to communicate. So we are between two worlds, in a sense, bridging the human world to other realms, while acting as overseers of the human realm. This is who we are.

God bless,

The Guardians of the Light (aka The Guardians) — (thru Mathew Hart)

Also, from October 25, 2015:

Dear Ones,

We hear you and we see you, and we know you have a desire to know the truth. We too have a desire to know and share the truth, to not mislead, misinform, misdirect, or misguide anyone. In this way, we decree that we will only speak the truth, only share the truth, and will not sugar coat, or down play anything for the sake of sparing feelings, or for other agendas, whatever they might be.

Our only agenda is to assist in the advancement, and the growth, and the evolution of the human spirit, the human collective, the human race. That is our agenda. And to do so, we do not wish to take any shortcuts, to forge paths where paths need not go, to rush, or push our charges to do anything they are not ready and able and willing to do for themselves. We wish only to provide a helping hand, to reach out to those who are ready to take our helping hand, and to lift those people as high as the very next step in their path, not beyond. Do you understand?

We are here to catch you so you do not fall when falling is unwarranted or unnecessary. And, we are here to help you climb to the next step when you are ready to make that step.

Blessings to you all, Dear Ones. We love you so very much, and wish to see you succeed. And, of course, it pains us to watch you suffer, and watch you stumble, and to see the time that it takes to advance. But, your journey is your journey, and it must and will take the time that it will take.

God bless and God speed,

The Guardians (thru Mathew Hart)


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10 thoughts on “Who Are The Guardians of the Light?

  1. Namaste,Mathew,

    This is Indira, and I read the answer to my question just now. I’m overwhelmed and at a loss for words. I see you published the answer on April 20th, but I noticed it only today. I had been checking your blog to see if my question was published for a few days after I posted the question, and when I didn’t see it the first few days, gave up, thinking it would not be, I would not be so lucky, and today, just on a lark, when I checked, there it was, and I could not believe my eyes! I want to thank you so so so much, thank you and all the angels and Guardians, for such a beautiful beautiful message, and you for being such an open, clear channel for it. I will have to read it every day until it seeps down to my being, but for now, it has reduced me to tears, for everything that is said there is true, I can feel it in my bones, and I feel so aware of how I’ve been treating myself so far, judging myself, and so sad that I did that to myself. Thank you so much for affirming me, my path, and making me feel less guilty about “resting” as you put it. This message has given me hope and put me on the path to self-acceptance. On a side note, just yesterday, I received a birthday gift from a friend, a book, The New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle…It was a book I had wished to have, and it came to me, just like that! Although I have just started reading it, I find it resonates a lot with your message here too, the general ambience of your blog also. Maybe this is a sign and I’m going to use that book to start being me and accepting me and living my life, finally…

    Thank you once again, Mathew, and wish you and your family all the very best that life has to offer!

    In love and light and peace,

  2. Hi Indira,

    I’m so glad you checked back on my blog, and I’m pleased that The Guardians message resonated for you. Also, I’m sorry you didn’t receive the message directly as I sent it to you on April 18.



    PS: That’s interesting about “A New Earth.” I read it a few months ago, and enjoyed it very much, and then, for some inexplicable reason, 3 days ago I was drawn to start reading it again. There’s a lot of really great wisdom there within its pages — also, in case you weren’t aware, Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle are offering a free online course based on the teachings of “A New Earth.” Perhaps you will find it interesting…

  3. Hello Mathew, The Guardians have given precise and excellent guidance. Their knowledge of the situation is phenomenal. Mark is indeed volatile and potentially dangerous although not in an overt physical way – he is profoundly troubled by manic depression and is also obsessive compulsive. All of my previous efforts to confront the situation have not been successful. My sister is quite successful in her work and has recently been promoted. It is interesting that they say her issues arise from “unworthiness” that stems from childhood. Our father was a very distant and troubled man and I wonder that this is likely the source. One of the Guardians’ solutions is fraught with geographical considerations – as they had noted. We live a good distance apart and she tends to put Mark first even before her children. He, too, is like a dependent child around her and I doubt that we would be able to do much together. I have relatively good verbal contact with her and will suggest the yoga/pilates alternatives to improve her health.
    I am thrilled and reassured that the Guardians saw my sister’s denial of her situation. I have also seen, as they suggested, a gradual decline in her.
    They have been immensely helpful. I have often wondered if I should do more, talk more with her about it all. My mother is so troubled by the situation and feels helpless. I will pass on the information to her and know that it will ease her mind. All the feedback has been of great value and know that the Guardians have helped me tremendously.
    Love, Sarah

  4. Hi Sarah,

    I’m so pleased that The Guardians were able to give you some helpful ideas. And thank you so much for the wonderful feedback.



  5. The service you offer through your channeling is so needed and so beautiful. What the guardians had to say to me was wonderful — and validated completely what I already knew in my own heart and soul. So very wise and beautifully expressed. And truthful. It lifted a great burden from my heart that I’ve carried for many years. Thank you so much. Thank you also for the encouragement about my eyes —that was needed and appreciated. So many have kindly expressed encouragement.
    May God’s blessings and Love be always yours,

  6. Dear Mary,

    Thank you for the beautiful comments about the channeling. I’m so pleased it was helpful to you.



  7. I thank you very much Mathew for channeling the answers of The Guardians of Light.

    They are very wise beings…!

    I see their answers as a permission (or encouragement) to follow the interests from my heart instead of doing what I should do because I am ‘supposed’ to do it. Their viewpoint about enthusiasm is very interesting: it is always there, but sometimes we do not allow it to guide us and we bury it, thus, we suffer the consequences.

    Mathew, please, when you have the opportunity, tell them that I am grateful due to the fact that they shared their wisdom with me. 🙂

    I will read the message several times to understand every aspect of it.

  8. Thanks very much, Robert. As for passing on thanks to the Guardians, I have no doubt your thanks were/are “heard” the moment you feel them/express them. At the level of spirit, we are “one” afterall. Namaste

  9. First of all what "namaste" means? Because its greek. Secondly do you actually blieve there are people like that called guardians of light? I want to know deeper.

  10. Hi Anonymous,

    Thank you for your comment…sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you.

    First of all, regarding the meaning of "namaste," here is a selection of passages from an article originally published in Hinduism Today in 1993:

    "For Hindu(s), of course, the greeting of choice is "Namaste," the two hands pressed together and held near the heart with the head gently bowed as one says, "Namaste." Thus, it is both a spoken greeting and a gesture…"

    "The hands held in union signify the oneness of an apparently dual cosmos, the bringing together of spirit and matter, or the self meeting the Self. It has been said that the right hand represents the higher nature, while the left hand represents the lower, worldly nature…"

    "In Sanskrit "Namas" means, "bow, obeisance, reverential salutation." It comes from the root Nam, which carries meanings of bending, bowing, humbly submitting and becoming silent. "Te" means "to you." Thus "namaste" means "I bow to you." the act of greeting is called "Namaskaram," "Namaskara" and "Namaskar" in the varied languages of the subcontinent."

    "Namaste elevates one's consciousness, reminding one that all beings, all existence is holy, is the Almighty. It communicates, 'I honor or worship the Divinity within you.' Also it draws the individual inward for a moment, inspires reflection on the deeper realities, softening the interface between people…"

    "Namaste is a gesture of friendship and kindness, also of thanks or special recognition. Mystically it is called "Namaskara Mudra" in the Agami(c) Pooja, and it centers one's energy within the spine."

    As for whether I actually believe there are people such as "Guardians of the Light" — Yes, I do believe in such a thing as a "group soul." I believe we are all on an ascending evolutionary path, and as such, the concept of group soul is not such an outlandish idea to me. But that's just me. The purpose of posting these things isn't to force people to accept ideas they aren't comfortable with. It is really just about me wishing to assist people, and doing so in a way that allows me to express myself without restrictions or limitations.



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