Further to my recent post about ascension (and my opinion that no one is going to disappear), I came across an article on the web this morning, once again addressing how to prepare for disappearing that inspired me to write a little more.

As I have already stated, ascension does not mean leaving this earth (and potentially, our family, friends and pets) to go to a new earth where we will then live out a blissful new life. That is a very good description of death, however, not ascension. Ascension in this day and age refers to the never-before-seen opportunity we are being given to raise or “ascend” our consciousness on a planet-wide scale. This opportunity is unparalleled in the current history of humanity (meaning, the last 26,000 years). In other words, many people are talking about it for good reason! That said, there seems to be a lot of confusion — some of it based upon channeled material, some of it based upon religious teaching, and some of it based upon a general lack of experience, intuitive development and understanding.

As far as my experience, intuition/connection to spirit, and understanding tells me (much of which I have written about on my blog), the human race hasn’t come all this way as spiritual beings on a physical journey to suddenly unplug ourselves from physical reality (and all of the glorious experiences physical reality has to offer) so that we can go off and live the kind of experience we will all return to upon death. Ascension refers to the act of bringing heaven to earth — recreating the proverbial Garden of Eden, and in so doing, leaving the Garden of Evil behind.

So, how are we going to bring heaven to earth, you might wonder.

The act of raising our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vibration to the vibration of Divine Love is precisely what is needed to bring about this profound change. And there are several ways to accomplish this. Here are just a few (in no particular order of importance):



Treating others as we would like to be treated;

Healing the wounds of the past;

Consistently and consciously practicing compassion, forgiveness, patience, and acceptance;

Listening to and following our heart, our intuition and our inspiration.

So, if that’s all it takes, why haven’t we ascended in the past?

Many people have successfully ascended in the past, however, the overall vibration of humanity (and the galaxy) was too low to effect planet-wide changes. Said another way, there was just too much negativity, lower force energy, and what some people refer to as ‘dark forces” to overcome. Therefore, the net result of ascending was in most cases to become a pariah. But not now. Because finally, as the entire galaxy ascends (according to many channelers, from 3d to 5d), all matter, including but not limited to humanity, will be required to ascend along with it. Either that, or we can resist, and see how that works for us. The choice is ours to make.

For more on ascension, please see this recent post.

2 thoughts on “Ascension — Bringing Heaven to Earth

  1. Hi Mathew,

    one reason we have this incredible opportunity for a planetary-wide ascension is that there is this thing called the Internet where mass numbers of people can have access to relevant information with the click of a mouse. People have individually ascended their consciousness in the past (e.g. Jesus Christ), but this time we have the technical advancement and the spiritual knowledge at the same time…
    Atlantis may have been technically advanced, but the Atlanteans needed to go through some tough lessons to get to the spiritual advancement that is possible now.

    Christine Hoeflich

  2. Yes, I agree! The internet is an incredible resource that has not only revolutionized the flow of information but also the speed of information. We are all one and we are all connected… through technology, and through spirit! Truly amazing! Thanks for your comments, Christine!

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