The Beautiful New World held its first synchronized worldwide meditation on January 21st, 2012. Right up to the final moments before the meditation was to begin, I remained on my computer, welcoming new members to The Beautiful New World Facebook Group, as there was a last minute rush. Fifteen minutes earlier, I began to feel a pronounced tingling sensation in my stomach, that I immediately recognized from past experience as the feelings of spirit. Nevertheless, as there were many people still asking to join the new group, I persisted at the computer. Finally, five minutes before the appointed start time, the tingling was so overwhelming, I had to leave the computer and begin to prepare for my meditation.

Meditation for me is very simple. I sit or stand quietly, and surrender. If thoughts are going through my head, I welcome them, and let them pass without judgement. If I am going to consciously motivate a thought, I focus on gratitude and sending love into the world, and thanking the angels for facilitating the experience I am supposed to have, for the highest good of all.

On January 21st, I elected to stand, and I elected to focus on gratitude, and no sooner did I begin, a slow trickle of tears of gratitude began to make their way down my cheeks and continued in that way for about 15 minutes. After that, I felt a complete sense of peace and serenity for the final forty five minutes. The time passed easily and quietly, When it was done, I sat at my computer, and the following message came through:

“Wonderful. Wonderful. Truly that was a remarkable hour. We experienced it along with all of you. The love was pure and intoxicating. Thank you everyone. Your contribution today was significant. We hope that you all felt the love as we felt it and that you are encouraged to do more of this. In time you will attract many thousands more and this is very beautiful. The energy of one loving person counteracts 100,000 who are stuck in a pattern of self-service and fear. Many blessings to you. Peace will reign in the hearts of humanity. Just “be” to the fullest extent of your capabilities… practice with diligence and you will lead the way. It is all happening as it should. We love you and we are with all of you.

The angels”

For those who are following the story of my awakening journey, it continues here.

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Image Credit: Guardian Angel, by Pietro da Cortona, 1656

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