This morning, I felt compelled to ask the angels “How may I assist YOU?” Here was the response I received:

Dear One,

You may assist us by being the person you came here to be,
By bringing forth your talents and your gifts,
By being the most loving expression of yourself that you can be,
By being a bright light in an otherwise dim world,
By surrendering to the impulses that you feel within your heart, and
then following those impulses as your desires lead you to do,
By being focused on the need, desire, and impulse you feel to serve,
By being patient when life does not deliver in accordance with your expectations,
By accepting yourself and being true to your inner nature,
By accepting all others for who they are, and giving of yourself without want or need for anything in return,
By treasuring your time, treasuring your body, and treasuring all life.

Thank you, Dear One,


The angels (through Mathew Hart)

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