You know, Dear Ones, many of you think that you are struggling, and that things are not going well. But we see the situation so differently than you do. We see so much success and accomplishment, so much beauty, so much love emanating from your soul. If only you could see what we see. For many of you, the amount of disentanglement that you have accomplished is nothing short of staggering, and as such, you have paved the way for a whole series of situations and opportunities that will be so fulfilling to you, and so meaningful to many. So, yes, even though for many of you, your ego continues to criticize you for what it sees as a lack of net worth and accomplishments, it only knows what it knows by way of comparison. It only sees the surface of reality, and really, that is like trying to assess the size of an iceberg by looking at the surface of the water only. Clearly, any assessment made by the ego is only a guess, and not a very good one at that as only 10% of the iceberg is visible.

That said, Dear Ones, based on all that we see, we are extremely pleased, and extremely proud, and extremely excited about all that will be unfolding in the years ahead. Continue to do your part, and we will continue to do ours, and you will see changes unfold that you will be proud of and pleased with. Yes, we realize that you have heard this many times in the past.

“Where is the fruit?” some of you like to ask, and rightly so. And to this we say, “You ARE the fruit.”

Yes, Dear Ones, you are the fruit. And, by the way, many of you have not yet ripened fully, but you are getting more and more ripe everyday. Thus, it’s only a matter of a very short amount of time before you will be ready to share your sweet juiciness with the world.

Yes, Dear Ones, and that is what this whole journey is about. In other words, when Jesus said, “By their fruits ye shall know them,” He didn’t mean the great works that some produce, and the great wealth that some acquire. He meant the acts and deeds of love and compassion, forgiveness and acceptance, as truly, there is no greater fruit than this. Thus, if this is what you have been cultivating within your self, and this is where your effort and energy has been directed, and yet it has still taken years and years before you are finally ready to go out into the world and give of your fruit, there is no more worthy a cause.

You are the fruit, Dear Ones.

We see how it’s very appealing (no pun intended) to measure great works and great wealth as the true benchmark of success, and by extension, alignment and fulfilled purpose. But as many of you know, success in man’s world versus success in a divinely aligned world are two very different things. One can still achieve great wealth, status, and success while being misaligned.

Do we need to give examples? Okay.

* How about those who profit from war and human suffering by manufacturing and distributing weapons and armaments?
* How about those who profit from control of the food supply, and from the hard labor and dwindling profits of the small farmer?
* How about those who profit from the misery of animals, and the degradation and destruction of the environment?
* How about those who profit from illness, and the sale of pharmaceuticals and treatments that mask disease?

Need we go on? There is so much that is misaligned in your world, and yet, the ego only has this to use as it’s benchmark for success. Again, like the iceberg, the view as one looks around man’s world today is but a dim shadow of the true possibility of all that can and will be accomplished when mankind is aligned and awake. A dim shadow. Again, we would say that only about 10% of your magnificence is visible at this time. Therefore, 90% of what you see around you is misaligned creation. And, this is what your ego uses to gauge how you are doing in the world.

Bless you, Dear Ones. In your heart you all know that so much more is possible, and that so much more is coming. Thus, simply honor your ego for the watchdog that it is, but don’t believe every loud bark that it makes, especially when those loud barks are judgments about yourself and others. Simply carry on as you have been doing, trust in the perfection of all that is, follow your heart and your excitement as you are able, believe in yourself and your purpose — even if you don’t yet know what your purpose is. You are getting there, Dear Ones. Truly. Even though external evidence is scant from the ego’s point of view, the inner growth that is happening is exponential. So, continue as you do to look within, and to feel and follow your way to the truth, and very soon, as the expression goes, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

The Guardians (through Mathew Hart)

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