During my meditation this morning I felt so emptied of all thought and desire, for a moment I questioned my sanity. Not that this was the first time I ever felt this way, or that I questioned my sanity, it just felt so strange to feel so empty, especially at this moment in my life — with all of the various challenges I am currently faced with — it seemed crazy to feel so empty; without thought to pursue a career, to make money, to be something, to achieve something, to acquire something, to strive for something. As soon as I finished my meditation, I looked to The Guardians for comment.

Yes, Dear One, it does feel strange to experience the death of the ego self — of mind, desire, and reason. Reason?

Yes, reason. When you realize that everything is perfect, you realize that there is no purpose to reason about anything. Reason need not exist. Do you understand? Reason is the process of justification for something being the way that it is, or for doing something in a particular way. Reason is logic and rational thinking applied to a problem or a situation. Whereas, the 5D way of being is to accept everything as perfect, not to strive to solve anything, but to simply be, and to express oneself in the now moment in the most loving, compassionate, and accepting way that one can be. That is all that is ever required. Nothing more. That is it.

I suddenly wondered if my receiving was off. Maybe I WAS crazy.

Dear One, we see that you are frustrated, and that you are trying to reason your way out of your predicament. But reason has everything to do with the ways of ego, striving, and desire, and nothing to do with acceptance, perfection, and love. Do you see now? There is nothing to do but follow your heart, breathe, allow, flow with whatever occurs, be at peace, accept your situation, and move wherever and whenever life stirs you to move. Just follow. Follow your bliss where it moves or does not move you. Live in the now moment. And allow the perfection that is you to unfold as it does. Whatever that means. Whatever that causes, incites, excites, or reveals. It is all you, experiencing the now moment, without reason, or forethought, or desire, other than to be who you are. This is 5D.

Bless you, Dear One. We know it feels most uncomfortable to live this way when you have been operating from a completely different operating system in the past. It feels foreign and strange, and uncomfortable. But you know, deep down, this is what you came here to discover. You came here to find your true self and nature, and to manifest that true self and nature in form. And this is the path. You are walking it. You are living it. And in time, it will feel more comfortable, and more natural, and you will see perfection as we already see perfection. And you will find that you will thrive. But until then, we understand the frustration and the anxiety that rears up from time to time. 

Bless you, Dear One. You are doing very well, and much better than you know or realize.

All is well.

The Guardians (through Mathew Hart)

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