More than 30 years ago, a spirit being materialized in a room with me in broad daylight and shared six immutable truths.

Being a depressed, angry, and lost young man, fearful about the future that lay ahead of me, that brief and profound visit by a beautiful being I innately recognized as Jesus, hugely altered my perspective, and had a lasting affect on my life.

Incidentally, all these many years later, the truth and wisdom that Jesus shared that day has been reinforced and validated through numerous experiences.

“You are Loved”

No matter who you are. No matter what your gender, race, nationality, beliefs, or sexual orientation. No matter what you’ve done. You come from Love. Your natural state of being is Love. The very fabric of all of Creation is Love. Even that which appears not to be Love has Love at its core. It is only because of the all-inclusive, all-allowing nature of Love that something such as “that which appears not to be Love” can exist at all.

“You are Cared For”

Always and forever. By the Source of Love — and by countless Beings including angels, guides and soul family that assist you, care deeply about you, suffer your losses and set-backs, and thrill at your victories and accomplishments. Truly, you are cherished. And, you are never alone — regardless of the fact that you may feel so from time to time.

“You are Respected”

From the perspective of Love, everyone is respected, accepted and honored without having to actually do or be anything — because Love is respectful — respectful of your sovereignty, respectful of your journey, respectful of your right to make choices for yourself, respectful of itself. Love makes no judgments. Even if you venture off the path of Love, no matter where you go, or how long you wander, Love is always with you, and will always seek to guide you back to your true nature, which is Love.

“You are Forgiven”

Love accepts, forgives and understands. Without exception. That doesn’t mean that Love doesn’t inherently correct thoughts and behaviors that are unloving or misaligned. It only means that Love always acts with compassion, care, kindness, and patience. Because, Love has all of eternity on its side. And because, there is no other way that Love can act as it is only by and thru the steady and consistent power and nature of Love (of which forgiveness is a part) that misaligned thoughts and behaviors are inevitably and invariably brought back into alignment with Love.

“You are Special”

Nothing is created by accident and without purpose. Nothing. Therefore, you are special simply by virtue of the fact that you exist. But there is also an aspect of your special-ness that is unique to you and your existence. It’s in your DNA, and it’s reflected by and thru your vast range of experience. You see, you’re special because there is nothing in the universe exactly like you. You are one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable, and MAGNIFICENT. And you are absolutely brilliant and qualified at something that no one knows better or more perfectly than you — YOU!

“You are Important”

Love is an incredibly beautiful and complex tapestry comprised of an infinite number of moving, changing, and always adapting parts. And, you are but one of those moving parts, and cannot be removed from the tapestry any more than the tapestry can be removed from you. In other words, you are a structurally integral component within the grand tapestry of Love! So, yes, you ARE important!


All that said, I now know this much to be true: No matter what choices we make or don’t make, no matter what we’ve been through, or what we’ve done (or not done), we are so very Loved, cared for, respected, forgiven, special, and important, without exception. Always. Forever. And so much more than we may ever know.

Image Credit: Celia Alario

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