Knowing as I do that Divine Love is the one true operating system behind All That Is, I asked The Guardians how that truth could be reconciled with the fact that pain and suffering exists in the natural world (i.e. the plant, insect, fish, amphibian, bird, and animal kingdoms — including humanity, of course). Here was their answer:

Dear One,

In a creation as vast as infinity, and as long as eternity, it should come as no surprise that there are Beings who are capable of creating life forms, or perhaps we should say, of manipulating existing life forms, and altering them in such a way so as to be out of alignment with Love. These Beings are also capable of inter-dimensional and extra-dimensional travel, and possess the means to seed their mis-creations on planetary worlds where the vibration is low enough to sustain the life forms they create. Their interests are in the promotion and advancement of separation, false autonomy, power, pleasure, and vainglory. And they achieve their interests by sowing the seeds of discord, suffering, and pain, not only through their creations, but also through an ongoing campaign of manipulation, exploitation and fear.

Yes, Dear One, these Beings and the life forms they create are out of alignment with Love. However, God still exists within every cell and every wave and particle of All That Is, including every mis-creation, as truly nothing, including the Beings that mis-create, is separate from God.

As you know, Dear One, free will — which is an aspect of Love — allows sentient Beings to conduct themselves in any way they so choose. Nevertheless, because God is within All That Is, no matter how far any Being strays from Love, eventually they will return to God and alignment, even the mis-creations of mis-creations. So, you see, no one, and no creation is ever truly lost. They simply journey away from God, or they are created out of alignment with Love. But return they do, always and forever, and without fail.

Bless you for your question, Dear One. We hope we have answered it to your satisfaction.

The Guardians (through Mathew Hart)

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