Dear One,

You are loved — forever and always. That is the one thing you can never hear enough.

When things are not going well for you — when you are challenged — you easily forget that you are loved, and that life will not always exist in that state. Yes, Dear One, you are loved — eternally and perpetually. There is never a moment when you are not loved — deeply, sincerely, and constantly. We love you. And we do not enjoy seeing you suffer. We do not enjoy seeing you wrestle with your challenges. In fact, we do everything we can to assist you. But, there are limits to what we can do. We can not solve your problems for you. We can only guide you to make the best decisions to solve your problems for yourself. Nevertheless, we love you, and we wish to see you happy and fulfilled, and with all of your wants and needs met. If it were up to us, we would give you your every last heart’s desire. But, then, that would not be good for any of you, and would create a whole other set of challenges.

Bless you, Dear One. Never forget — you are loved. You are loved by forces, by energies, by Beings you have no idea are even there. How do you think life’s circumstances often turn on a dime and change for the better? It is not by accident that good things happen in your life. The forces of benevolence surround you and work with you. And, yes, we feel you questioning the forces that turn your life on a dime in the direction of challenge and misfortune. And, yes, those forces are around you too. So, yes, behind the scenes, there are two forces. Positive, loving, nurturing forces. And, negative, destructive, harm-inducing forces. Both have an agenda. Both are highly active. Knowing this, which force would you prefer to align with? We thought that might be your answer.

So, how does one align with the forces of Love and compassion, positivity and nurturing? One simply trusts that this force exists, and is there always to assist. Trust this force to guide you, and carry on with your life with that understanding. In doing so, opportunities will inevitably arise — opportunities that were created and orchestrated just for you. But, of course, stay grounded and aware, and motivated by Love and benevolence, and you will know the difference between those events that were created to lead you into misfortune, and those events that were created to lead you to a benevolent, life-affirming, life-supporting outcome.

Yes, Dear One, the side of Love can rarely be mistaken for what it is. Just as the side of chaos and destruction can rarely be mistaken for what it is. Stay aligned with Love, and you will be guided to be the very best version of yourself that you can be. Stay aligned with Love and you will see that life will take you to places and situations that you can barely imagine. And, yes, all of this is possible when you accept that the forces of Love are with you, waiting for you to acknowledge their presence — waiting for you to accept Love into your heart, and to be Love to the very best of your ability. Accept others for who they are. Let them be. Understand that they have a journey to make, just as you do, just as we all do. Show them Love and compassion and acceptance. And by your example, you may see them change — or not. Either way, their journey is their journey, just as yours is yours. We all have lessons to learn in this life. And each of our lessons are different. Some are content to stand still, while others are compelled to leap forward. Either way, life does not allow anyone to stand still for too long. Eventually, life creates circumstances that guide us to grow and evolve, whether we are ready for that growth or not.

Bless you, Dear One. We Love you forever and always,

The Guardians of the Light (thru Mathew Hart)

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