Dear Ones,

We understand the frustration of feeling drained and without inspiration. But, it is not a permanent condition. So, there is no need to worry or to feel pressure that the clock is ticking, and there is something you should be doing. If there is no inspiration, and no drive, then there is truly nothing you should be doing.

Yes, we understand that there are worldly things that you need to do such as cleaning your house, preparing meals, organizing and paying your taxes, but this is not what we are referring to. We are referring to your true life goals. If you had a need to move forward on one or more of those goals, you would feel a sense of inspiration, and would take steps in a direction. The fact that you feel no urge or inspiration in a particular direction, in spite of all the many areas of human endeavor that you know are in need of change, improvement, and help — this means, simply, that your path has not yet emerged. Trust in that. Relax into that. Know that you are loved.

Dear Ones, we know your heart and mind, and know that you would feel greatly honored and fulfilled to help humanity in a greater, grander way — but, that is not in the cards for you right now. So, accept your circumstances without getting down on yourself. Be who you are in every moment that you can. Help as you are inspired to help, or not, and trust that all is well. Because, truly, all is well, always. Even in those moments when you feel uncertainty, disappointment and discouragement, all is well. The sooner you accept that, truly, and operate on that premise, the sooner you will see more opportunity arise in areas and in directions that stimulate and inspire you.


The Guardians (thru Mathew Hart)

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