Dear Ones,

We see you and we hear you, and we commend you for your interest in assisting your brothers and sisters on planet earth. We too share your earnest desire to help. This is what unites us and so many others. We all share this passion and intention to assist. So many of your brothers and sisters are deeply lost in the matrix, in the illusion, in the unknowing of the greater truth, the greater reality — a much greater reality than they can imagine. The material plane is so low and dense, and vibrates at such a slow rate. It is very difficult to raise one’s vibration, and attune one’s awareness to the higher vibrations of love, purity, divine truth, beauty, compassion, unity, and joy for all that lives, including oneself.

Yes, it is difficult. But, it is attainable, as you and so many others are living proof of what can be obtained, of the vibrations that can be reached. Yes, Dear Ones, we share a similar objective. And as time progresses on your plane, more and more souls join the parade of awakening souls, and the challenge to awaken more souls grows easier. As you understand it, it is not so much about the hundredth monkey as it is about momentum. The energy of Love is like a snowball. When you move it sufficiently, like a snowball rolling down a snowy hill, the energy of Love grows and grows as more and more like vibration clings to it and increases its size, and momentum, and velocity. Yes, Dear Ones, this is what is happening there on your plane at this time. The snowball, or tsunami of Love as we and others refer to it, is increasing in magnitude, momentum and velocity. And as it does, it is becoming easier and easier for more to join.

In practical terms, there is still not much that can be seen of this growing force, however, rest assured, it is there, it is growing in an exponential manner, and it will soon be obvious for all to see. In fact, it is already obvious for many to see — especially those like yourself who are already attuned to the higher frequencies. As you look out into the world, and see all that is happening, whether thru traditional media, or through alternative methods, you see more and more evidence of a sea change enveloping the world. And, we do not mean rising sea levels. We mean changing attitudes, and beliefs, and sincere efforts to assist humanity through various efforts, endeavors, and charitable organizations.

Never before have so many been so keenly interested in the welfare of others. Never before have so many been so single-mindedly devoted to raising up others for the sheer joy and satisfaction of improving the lives of others. Not for material or financial gain. Not for power, or status, or future favors. But for love and joy, and the well-being one feels and experiences when one of lesser fortune is assisted by the actions of another. This wave of goodwill is unprecedented in your modern history. And, if you look, you can see more and more of it taking place as people from all walks and all stations have made it a priority to give selflessly to their brothers and sisters in spite of the efforts of lower vibration beings to separate, incite fear, and otherwise distract humankind from the higher purposes that we all share, and all strive to achieve.

So, yes, there is much to be grateful for that is already occurring and already visible for many to see. And for those who have yet to put two and two together, there will be more obvious manifestations of this truth appearing in the days, weeks, months and years to come. So, stay tuned, and strap into your seat belts. This ride is only just beginning.

Take care, and God speed,

The Guardians (thru Mathew Hart)

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6 thoughts on “This Ride is Only Just Beginning

  1. I love this post…I feel the expansiveness of the message beyond the words and it resonates as truth in my being….there are no bad people in this world..everyone is born an innocent pure vessel for the love of God to be expressed there in…Many over lifetimes have lost sight of this Divine Spark and travel a wild and perilous life with no comprehension visible to themselves for anything other than the demands of the body based in fear and survival….I am so thankful be able to comprehend this and feel compassion for even the seemingly most horrible people/situations on the planet and I am incredibly grateful to share this time with those who are truly awakening to their God given self..not some altered version developed and cemented lifetime after lifetime..

    To me this is true wealth and I am only touching the tip of the iceberg, but most of the layers of heavy un-awakened energy I have owned and rest as wisdom in my soul….I am so grateful to the love/God within me for holding me safe through thick and thin, regardless of my altered ego perception…

    And lastly, along with love comes compassion and it is only through a similar experience that true compassion can be expressed to another and I think on the eve of this beautiful new dawn, many of us have had some pretty intense struggles one way or another, but have found love for self in the midst of it all, so we truly have a very solid and honest foundation to share our love from..because we understand and can inspire hope and determination NOT to give up..for the prize is worth all of it a trillion fold..self love, compassion for self..which then translates without effort to others…God is a giver…and that springs naturally from the hearts of those of us waking up…

    I love you Mathew and all here …and thank you for sharing these messages..they are always something I sit with and contemplate for a good long while and I always get the feedback I need.. 🙂 <3 big HUGS! xoxox <3 🙂 Wendy and Cookie xoxoxox

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