Dear Ones,

We encourage you to look at your life, and ask, “Why am I following the paths that I am following today? Who told me to follow these paths? Who gave permission? Who assured me that these were the best ways to proceed?”

Bless you, Dear Ones, so much of what happens to us and what we choose is the product of our upbringing, our conditioning, our teaching. Our vocation, our food choices, our behaviors β€” all of it was taught to us. All of it was deemed appropriate or suitable at some point by others. That said, it is important for your health and well-being to really and truly look at all the decisions that shaped your life, and decide again (and for many of you, for the first time), is this what I really want? Do I really believe that this is the best choice for my life, for the planet, and for future generations? Examine your choices, past and present, and decide again. And know, it is never too late to rescind a decision or change your mind.

Dear Ones, change your thinking, change your opinions, change your behaviors β€” and make those changes for the right reasons. Do it because they make sense to YOU β€” regardless of what others have told you, regardless of the status quo, or the consensus of the day. You have the knowledge and wisdom within you. Tap into that knowledge and wisdom, and move forward once again, this time with confidence that life will cooperate with you in a much more full and obvious manner when you are acting out of loyalty to your true self.

Dear Ones, the universe is benevolent. The universe wants to see you happy and fulfilled. But, if you make choices in life based on ideas and information that are not true for you (even tho they may be true for another), your life will lead you in ways that will be designed to steer you back on course. Thus, you may find less cooperation, and less good fortune, things might be difficult, challenges might get the better of you and leave you discouraged. But, this is not the way that life needs to be. Life can be your creative partner, working with you, assisting you, helping you to reach your goals. Life is set up to do just that. It’s just a matter of aligning with it. And, that means, aligning with your true self, your true feelings, and not discounting yourself, or ignoring yourself because someone told you to put their truth ahead of your own.

Dear Ones, the universe thrives when we thrive. And, we thrive when we align our intentions with our true talents and nature. This does not mean that we are self-centered, and self-serving. Just the opposite. This means that when we align with out true nature and talents, we find ourselves placed in a position to assist others in a greater way, with greater clarity, with greater insight, with a purer message to share than if we were to go about the same objective without having our own truth clarified first. Do you understand?

Be true to yourselves, Dear Ones. Above all else, be true, and you will see your life change in ways you could hardly imagine possible. Life is your assistant. It is there to help you reach your goals. Follow your dreams, and your passions, and your interests, and align yourselves with your true nature, and you will see benevolence in action. That is simply the way in which the universe speaks to you…..always. But, are you listening?

Bless you,

The Guardians (thru Mathew Hart)

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4 thoughts on “Be True to Yourself

  1. Mathew…I am also learning that it takes time and daily commitment to make the changes you speak of..and repetition, since the brain has now ingrained and well traveled neural pathways which it will always default back to if the absolute commitment to change is not there ..or sloppy…It takes three days to create a habit and 21 focused days to break a habit…As I am learning now we have to overlay the ‘old’ again and again with the new way of thinking and being…I have reminder cards around my home and also have a picture I hand drew and coloured which again replaces the old way of thinking..I constantly refer back to this when I find myself thinking in the same old patterns…Repetitious focused attention creates the new neural pathways and eventually the old simply fade away from lack of attention..I am in essence changing the ‘default’ program of the past and replacing it with something new and vibrant and propels me forward in my evolution, rather than going around and around on the road WELL traveled…I think brain science from aware neuro scientists is where it is at ..if we want to make these changes and make them stick..words are not enough, they must be coupled with action and we have to be willing to give a decent amount of time least an hour to focusing on the ‘new me’ regardless of the pulling and tugging of the ‘monkey mind” and the ‘old’ me…It really is all about reprogramming our brain and then our outer world becomes the reflection of the new desired and consciously created pathways in the brain..Hugs and fondest love and thank you for helping me to re-remember! xoxox <3 have a great day.. <3

    1. Hi Wendy, Thanks so much for sharing that great information. I have heard something similar about the time required for habit forming… I think I heard 30 days… but, either way, it definitely takes time and effort to change old patterns and habits. Nevertheless, it all starts with a thought, and an intention… then, if the motivation behind the intention is based on being true to yourself (speaking from experience), it won’t be nearly as daunting as it sounds to carry out the repetitive action (or retraining)… whether it’s 21 days, 30 days, or any length of time. Hugs and love to you too! xoxo

      1. Right on, I agree! For me now it’s about ‘doing’ and to stop procrastinating..I have the theory down and now for the plan..I still haven’t taken the time EVERY day, but I’m getting more and more into THAT habit… smiling..

        I hope to see some really grand changes by the Spring 2016 and hopefully new surroundings physically to match my intent and action..

        I love you with all my heart, Mr. Hart and I do so enjoy your channeled messages..thank you again xox

        1. I look forward to hearing all about those grand changes… I know you are creating them right now as we speak! And, of course, you know I love you too! πŸ™‚ xoxo

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