Dear One,

In every life cycle, there is ebb and flow. There are growth spurts, and there are gestation phases. Right now, you and many others are gestating. It is not a crime, Dear One. It is simply a fact of life. And, no matter how unpleasant you find it, or how much you would like to move past it, you can not change the nature of the cycle you are experiencing. You are experiencing gestation in this moment. So, as we always say, go easy on yourself. Don’t disparage. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t self-criticize. Relax. Accept. Allow. And try to enjoy the pause that you find yourself in. Feel like reading a book, read a book. Feel like watching a movie, watch a movie. Take a walk. Have a nap. Sit and meditate. Whatever you wish to do, enjoy yourself and the moment of pause that you have been given.

You know, Dear One, it’s funny because we know there will be times in the future when you would be so happy to have nothing to do, and you will long for these moments. Yet, while you are in the midst of such a moment, you are longing for something to engage you — a project, an activity, something to occupy your mind. Truly, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Anyway, we know you can see the irony in this too, and all we wish to say is that we love you, and we appreciate how difficult it is sometimes to stand still.

Much love,

The Guardians (thru Mathew Hart)

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