Bless you, Dear Ones.

Our hearts go out to you all on this day, the day after a terrible tragedy has occurred in Paris. We are truly sorry, and saddened by this event, and events of this kind that happen from time to time in your world. Yes, we realize this kind of slaughter of innocents has not happened in Paris for many many years, however, slaughters of this kind happen in other cities around the world on a regular basis, and, in fact, are happening right now in places such as Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, to name a few.

Not that we wish to diminish the severity and inhumanity of such a barbarous attack as took place in Paris last night. We only wish to say, this is a long standing, universal problem. And, it will not go away by burying one’s head in the sand, or by vowing to seek revenge on those who have perpetrated this and other attacks. Revenge may be sweet to those who are hurting and suffering, but revenge only exacerbates the problem on an energetic level. In other words, meting out the same punishment as was inflicted by the perpetrators only creates more pain, more suffering, and in so doing, extends the pain and suffering to new victims, new generations, new human beings who will want to similarly seek revenge and mete out justice for themselves.

So, you see, violence is a vicious circle that never ends. You have all heard it said before, no doubt, that violence only begets more violence. And, this is very true. Therefore, knowing this as we all do, the only answer in the face of violence is to rise above one’s pain and suffering, and one’s urge to lash out and seek revenge, and to transcend those urges and feelings with Love. This means, one must seek to understand the forces that set in motion the events that resulted in violence. What forces were acting upon the perpetrators of the violence that created such hopeless, desperate, terrorized individuals — terrorized to the point that they felt that their only remaining option was to inflict the terror that they felt and they knew upon others?

To understand this is to understand that human beings aren’t born evil. Evil is created by circumstances. And, compassion is the only way to arrest wrongdoing in its path. Compassion vanquishes evil, whereas hatred and fear only breed misunderstanding and fan the flames of violence further. Fight fear with Love. Fight ignorance with understanding. Fight hopelessness and desperation with compassion. This is the only way, Dear Ones.

Bless you. We love you.

The Guardians (thru Mathew Hart)

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2 thoughts on “To Paris with Love

  1. Dear Mathew,
    This has been exact my thoughts and feelings since I’ve heard the news. Thank you so much for putting them into words and sharing with us. May this tragedic occurrence be an opportunity for the world to see all of humanity through the eyes of compassion, respect and understanding. We are ALL deserving of Love and Peace!
    May Love prevail _/|\_

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