Hi. My name is Mathew. I’m a sensitive, a channeler, and a film producer. Welcome to my blog, The Life Intended where I share my channeled messages and personal experiences regarding all things spirit and healing.

My Shocking Introduction to the World of Spirit

Back in the early ’80’s, I entered adulthood with absolutely no interest in spirituality or religion, enamored with science, and quite skeptical about anything that couldn’t be proven. But between the ages of 21 and 23,  everything changed when three incredible spirit encounters occurred within a two year period that radically altered my perspective of the unseen world.

In the first incident, an experiment with automatic writing led to an undeniable encounter with a ghost.

In the second incident,  a surprising emotional breakdown oddly progressed into a high fever and a fight for my life with a spirit being I later came to think of as The Grim Reaper.

In the third incident, I was blessed to have the most miraculous encounter with a beautiful spirit being I innately recognized as Jesus.

Perhaps this all sounds a little incredible? Now, just imagine how these experiences might have been received before the days of personal computers and the internet if I had openly spoken about them. That said, after my encounter with Jesus, I couldn’t help but share some information with my immediate family, but as for everyone else, I mentioned very little if anything at all. For one thing, I knew my experiences and explanations weren’t likely to be well-received by the people I knew. More importantly, however, given that I was in the early stages of a career in the film industry, the last thing I wanted was to be unfairly judged as strange or mentally unstable. Consequently, I did what I thought was prudent at the time. Namely, I did my best to conduct myself as if nothing unusual had happened.

A Painfully Long Dark Night of The Soul

As the years rolled by, however, I became more and more confused as the spiritual side of my life seemed to take a back seat while I made advancements in my career, got married, and started a family. For the most part, this was because throughout those years, I was never able to shake this nagging feeling that there was something I was supposed to do with the message that Jesus had shared with me. But what? Unbeknownst to me, I didn’t fully understand the message, nor did I realize that I was hindered by mental and emotional wounding from childhood. (Unfortunately, it would take years before I made those discoveries.) In the meantime, as much I tried to forget the visitation from Jesus and get on with my life, I just couldn’t. Consequently, my confusion gradually developed into chronic depression, as well as periodic episodes of anger and frustration.

Help On The Way

Thankfully (and finally), after 15 years of struggle, I experienced a breakthrough one day when I accidentally discovered my Higher Self. Having kept a journal since the ghost incident in 1982, it had never occurred to me to review those journals. But, one day in 1999, something compelled me to do just that, and that’s when I discovered a wise aspect of my subconscious mind that had presented itself  whenever I had resorted to stream-of-consciousness writing in the past — basically, an exercise where I wrote down, without censoring, anything and everything that rolled off my mind.

And so it came to pass for the next two years, although I wasn’t the clearest of channels (I was still dealing with episodes of depression and anger), I continued to channel my Higher Self using stream-of-consciousness until one day a second breakthrough occurred: the introduction of my spirit guide. Although he told me that he had no name, and that where he resided (in another galaxy) names were unnecessary, I wasn’t comfortable speaking to him without a name. (I say “him” because his energy felt masculine to me.) Thus, I named him Z, and he was fine with that. And our relationship developed over the months that followed.

About a year later, following a channeling session in which I asked Z questions about angels (at the time, I thought that angels and guides were the same thing), a third breakthrough occurred when Z introduced me to Archangel Michael, whom he referred to as my guardian angel. Well, from that moment on, the spiritual guidance took a noticeable leap while at the same time, I experienced several more breakthroughs (or awakenings if you will — many of which I have written about in this blog). Essentially, I was encouraged to follow my heart, to be the most loving and present person I could be, and to do so without expectation of outcome or return — which by the way, is much easier said than done! 🙂

A Cautionary Tale

As time marched on, I was grateful for Michael’s guidance as lessons on the subject of Love were welcome in light of the depression, anger and frustration that I had been living with for so many years. Consequently,  channeling both Michael and Z continued on a regular basis until Michael surprised me one day when he casually mentioned that sensitivity to spirit beings was both a blessing and a vulnerability. What that meant, I hadn’t a clue. But, over the days and weeks that followed, after several encounters with negative beings (also referred to in this blog as dark beings, or dark forces), I began to understand. I also began to understand that lessons on Love (lessons that usually involved some from of cleansing, purification, and disentanglement — in general, awakening), were far from easy, and not without opposition and struggle.

Enter, The Guardians

One day in 2006 I was surprised to channel a source that identified itself as “The Guardians of Light and Love.” (Later, “The Guardians of the Light” or just “The Guardians.”) This source came thru sporadically at first. But, by early 2008, The Guardians had become my primary source — as they are today.

To Sum Things Up

To say the least, it’s been a long and challenging journey. However, in spite of the hardships, if I could go back in time and change something, I wouldn’t change a thing. Because, if not for the challenges and my sensitivity, and my desire to know the truth, I would never have married my amazing wife, had the beautiful children we have, discovered that spirit is real, know that a meaningful personal relationship could be kindled and developed with our guides and angels, or know that the heart is so much more than a pump that circulates blood. That said, my life today is far from a cake walk as evidently lessons on Love never stop. Nevertheless, I continue to seek the truth, and I continue to strive to be the best person I can be, because well, that seems to be my nature. Just as it also seems to be my nature to record and share my experiences, insights, and channeled guidance in an open, honest, and transparent manner.

Blessings and Namaste,


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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Matthew and finally some way to communicate with you. I am VERY NEW to blogs..and think I just created one in order to get here. Well, never mind…Nothing is an accident. I have stumbled onto the Path in 2004 although I have been destined for this way long ago. I do have some questions for your channeling and hope I can find my way back here for the answers. Is it possible that it is true that I have no negativity within? That this feeling of clearness, of being open to all is true and honest? And if so, then why me? I feel like I am meant for something more, being prepared for something more to come and like so many others, I desire to know why it is me? I have not had a vision or clear experience with anything like you have. I do not see or sense guides of spirit. Yes, I have encountered humans to whom I am grateful for all the pain and joy they may have brought me. Can your guides tell me anything about what I need to do next?
    thank you so much, Jeanne

  2. Hi Jeanne, Thanks so much for dropping by and thanks for your question. Unfortunately, I am not comfortable asking The Guardians to respond since you have not provided me with your full name, email address and location (i.e name of town or city where you reside). Nevertheless, I would like to respond from my own experience by saying that if you are truly clear of negativity (which you very well might be), then no matter what life presents to you, you will find it effortless to stay true to your heart and to your highest excitement, and as you do, you will be guided to live at all times in accordance with your highest life’s purpose. As for the question of “Why me?”, from my experience, this has proven to be a question for which no satisfactory answers are found, and as such, my best advice is that whenever you feel yourself wondering “Why me?”, simply respond by saying “Why not me?” or “If not me, then who?” — and do your best to carry on without concern.

    God Bless and Namaste

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